RNFI: Unlock Your Account and Begin Making Transactions

    As a user of the amazing RNFI services platform, you can access your account and start transacting with ease using the RNFI Reliplay Mini ATM. To get started all you need to know is right here so keep reading!

    RNFI Relipay Mini ATM

    The RNFI Relipay Mini ATM is a mobile POS terminal. It is designed for the withdrawal of cash and balance inquiry purposes, perfect for retailers, partners, distributors and anyone who wants to offer convenient banking services to their customers.

    How to Get an Retailer ID

    If you want to get an RNFI retailer ID all you have to do is apply for a new retailer CSP ID through the RNFI services website. There are some requisite documents and information that are required to create your ID such as your mobile number, Aadhaar card, bank details and PAN card. You can enjoy multiple benefits such as special discounts on the Relipay Mini ATM after you have your ID.

    RNFI Services Login

    The RNFI login process is easy, just visit the services login page, enter your user ID and password, except the conditions and click on the login option. Enter the OTP that you received on your registered mobile number and after that just click submit and you’re done.

    RNFI Retailer ID Registration

    In case you are new, and want to get a retailer ID registration for RNFI you can do so by following the steps provided by the RNFI services website which will allow you to access your account and start transacting with ease and convenience.

    Relipay Mini ATM Features

    The RNFI Relipay Mini ATM offers various features, such as:

    • Cash withdrawal up to ₹10,000 per transaction
    • Daily maximum withdrawal limit per card: ₹10,000 to ₹50,000, depending on the respective bank and card’s daily withdrawal limit
    • Maximum commission per withdrawal: ₹10 (subject to change based on the current commission plan published by RNFI)

    RNFI Services Support

    It services takes significant care to guarantee the safeguarding of your data and to prevent unauthorized access. They use commercially reasonable and viable technology to protect user information. RNFI services offers its users continued support to help and guide them with any issues, questions or complications that they may have. Users can easily contact them through their WhatsApp group which is available 24/7 for the convenience of the users. Additionally, users have the option to watch tutorial videos on YouTube so that they can gain guidance on how to get an RNFI retailer ID and how to resolve any issues related to RNFI login if they occur.


    RNFI Services is a revolutionary fintech company that offers a varied range of financial solutions to retailers and businesses. By creating an retailer ID users can access their account and start transacting using the it’s Relipay Mini ATM. Users can enjoy the benefits of the platform such as convenient bank convenient banking services for their customers, special discounts on the Relipay Mini ATM and of course, there is 24/7 support if you need it. With a strong focus on security and customer support, RNFI services are a reliable choice for businesses looking to streamline their digital payment processes.


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