Our Services

Covenant provides every board the resources and quick response necessary to help manage a successful community. We offer both on and off site management services and our administrative staff takes pride in delivering responsive, consistent support and services 24/7.

Let us make your job as a Board Member easy and pleasant all at a competitive, affordable price. Our products and services include:

Customer Service

  • Managers are Given Fewer Communities to Better Deliver Quality Service
  • Covenant Cares Emergency Hotline Available 24/7
  • Same Day Response to all Association Needs
  • Board Members are contacted weekly in writing and via telephone for “follow
    up and follow through” of service items in process
  • Free Board Member Training


  • Assessment Collections utilizing lockbox and ACH
  • Comprehensive Financial Services
  • Budget Preparation
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Delinquent Assessment Recovery Services


  • Weekly Property Inspections
  • Architectural and Landscape Control
  • Preferred Vendor Pricing and Service
  • Experienced Maintenance Staff and Management


  • Homeowners have web access to accounts anytime, anywhere.
  • Board Members have access to accounts and reports anytime, anywhere.
  • Online Invoice Approval Process
  • Online Resale and Disclosure Documents
  • Online Community Archives
  • Community Website Services
  • Scan and Store Paperless Technology

Draft Association Documentation

  • Agendas
  • Newsletters
  • Notices
  • Resolutions
  • Minutes of the Meeting

Other Services


Resale Documents

Covenant Management is pleased to announce a major technology enhancement regarding resale information, statement of account/demands/estoppels, mortgage and lender questionnaires, copies of governing documents, realtor information and other related inquiries/requests.
Covenant Management has launched the automated information process available through industry leader CondoCerts. This e-technology has been developed to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of information requests, while providing the professionals in the mortgage, title and resale industry a powerful new technology. Use of CondoCerts requires nothing more than an Internet connection and the ability to follow easy-to-understand instructions.
Simply click on this link to CondoCerts and follow the easy steps to register and use this exciting new service. A full explanation of the system, products descriptions, commonly asked questions, and product samples are available on when you click on CondoCerts. If you have any questions regarding accessing this service, setting up your account, or ordering products and services, please feel free to call.
CondoCerts: (800) 310-6552